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The difference between “I like being alone” and actually being alone.

I am writing this from MY perspective and MY experience. Everyone has their own experience with the topic. For example, you can be in a relationship and feel lonely, even though you are not physically alone. You can be in a group of people and feel alone, because you just don’t feel connected to anyone… Read more “The difference between “I like being alone” and actually being alone.”

What to do around Fife

As of lockdown and travel restrictions I had a lot of time to explore Fife in the last months. If you plan your next trip to Scotland once this horror show is over, you may want to visit the beautiful Kingdom as well, which is often overlooked because everyone heads straight up to Glencoe and… Read more “What to do around Fife”

Solo adventuring

If you follow me on Instagram you probably noticed that I am out and about alone most of the time. At the beginning, or when I travelled to Scotland for holidays, it was firstly mainly because I just did not have anyone who was interested in the same kind of activities and before not going… Read more “Solo adventuring”


Beginning of September I spent 3 days in one of the remotest areas of Scotland’s mainland. People that live in the area of Ardnamurchan, Morvern and Ardgour need to go over 45 miles (depending where they live even further) to Fort William if they need to do bigger shopping or need to do other necessities.… Read more “Ardnamurchan”

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