Taking a break from Social Media

Yesterday I temporarily disabled my Instagram account. Something I never thought I would/could do. But especially over the past months being completely on my own, I spent way too much time on it. Normally I have always enjoyed sharing my photos and stories from my trips but recently it became more of a tool to stay in touch with everyone. The problem is though, you also spend too much time on it scrolling through accounts and comments and get bombarded with information and things you actually do not want to see or read.

For about 3 years I have used Instagram as my main social media tool. I had a separate account for when I did a diet and documented my weight loss for a year. During this time I hardly posted on my actual account. When I moved to Scotland that changed considerably. I used it more and more, gained more followers, made friends and really enjoyed it.

But there were also incidents that pulled me down, when people I thought were friends unfollowed or now since January, guys who have been all chatty and flirty (seems Instagram is also the new tinder) all of a sudden blocked me, when before we just had a normal conversation and nothing obvious, at least not for me, has happened to get blocked. And I think blocking someone on Instagram is not something you do lightheartedly. I do it, when I really do not want certain people to see my content for personal reasons or if someone has been behaving very creepy towards me and I feel uncomfortable with that person following me. Especially since I speak a lot about personal things on there. I blocked people who I know personally, because of how they reacted to what I post – so I do not want them on my account anymore. That is always a personal decision. So it is not like I do not understand, why people block others. But to do it, just because it is convenient to get rid of someone because you are too much of a coward to say how it is, is something else.

So you can say, I kind of have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. I met some great people on it, who I can call friends now. I am looking forward to meeting quite some of them personally in future as soon as this whole crisis is finally under control.

I think taking a break from it will do me good because I don’t feel the pressure of posting, being upset if no one or only a few react to posts and stories, being upset by unfollowers and to be honest being irritated by so many people’s odd behaviours (in my view).

What I really do not understand is why people follow a huge amount of influencers, who only post pictures of themselves and advertise shitty products. And I do not understand people following accounts without understanding their real meaning and jumping on some band wagon there. I also struggle to understand to use Instagram and following someone but never like, comment or interact any other way. I am not big in commenting but if I follow someone – like an actual person (not some DIY or cooking channel) – then I like their pictures (if I like them) and comment something NICE. Another thing that makes me raging about social media in general is all these keyboard warriors thinking they have the knowledge and utmost opinion to tell other people off in comments or being hateful. Like what is wrong with these people?

I am a big fan of “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all”. You can bitch with your friend in private but publicly telling people how rubbish they are is just so low. And if you think you have to criticise someone openly, then do it in a correct and polite manner.

At the moment, I hope I can stay away from Instagram until Sunday, and then hopefully for another week at least. I see how it goes. I already got a message from a follower on Facebook, apologising for whatever he has done that I unfollowed… Which I obviously did not do – although I thought the same about other people that have disabled their account in the past and I did not know that is what they have done. I literally then used my second account to check if their account was completely gone and did some research on temporarily disabling your Instagram account.

I had posted the day before yesterday that I am planning on taking a break and also told it some more close followers in my story yesterday morning – but obviously everyone who did not see it must think I unfollowed or worse blocked them – which I did not do.

I also left and unfollowed a huge amount of pages and groups on Facebook yesterday. Because my start page was flooded with group posts and ads and I got sucked into all these comments underneath people’s posts which most of the time ended in discussions and blaming each other etc. I just had enough now.

There is so much shit going on in the world and instead of people sticking together, I feel everyone is turning against each other even more.

I absolutely hate 2020. There is this posting going around especially on Instagram saying that 2020 is the most important year of all because it is a wake up call to change. That might be true that we definitely have to change something and maybe people realised which simple things in life are more meaningful, but I do not agree that it has done much good to peace and being nice to each other. Quite the opposite.

So I hope every day, that there is some end in sight and we can all go back to a rather normal life. But for so many, normal is very very far away now.

My birthday is in over a little than 2 weeks and if I will be here all alone – that will be quite depressing to be honest. I really hope I can spend the weekend up in Lochearnhead with Claire and her dad. If we are allowed to meet with other household indoors by then.

We’ll see….

2 thoughts on “Taking a break from Social Media

  1. Hi Elena,
    I hope you are well. I spent near to no time at all on insta lately but whenever I open the app I hope to see pics from you.
    I am glad you keep posting on your blog, I just love reading your stories. They are so sincere and human, and the photos are stunning.
    I wish you make the best out of this social media break and come back in force. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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