Exploring East Neuk – Fife

A few weeks back I had made my way down to St Monans along the coast of Fife. It was a beautiful day. Cold but super sunny. I wanted to do a part of the Coastal Path walk that runs from Kincardine all the way up to Newburgh.

I parked at the old Kirk that sits on a cliff overlooking the Forth. It is a beautiful little church with an old graveyard around. It looks like out of a movie. I made my way down and through St Monans and along the coast up to Pittenweem.

Such a beautiful cute little village. I spend quite some time taking loads of pictures of all the cute cottages right at the seaside. I would love to live there. I then spend quite some time around the harbour until I walked back to St Monans and had lunch at the Diving Gannet. A little cafe near the harbour. I had chicken broth and a cheese scone. Best cheese scone I ever had! Fresh and not dry at all.

After lunch I explored the harbour of St Monans a bit more and took the advise to go down to the zig zag pier. I’ve seen incredible pictures on Instagram of sunsets of the location. The sun was just touching the pier for me and I was happy with my photo of the scenery. On my way back to the car I had the most amazing light on the little church. Still cannot believe this picture brought me over 1100 likes on Instagram 😀 Most successful picture posted ever!

As I was recommended to also see Crail and Elie, I first drove up to Crail and had a walk along the coast there and around the castle with a tremendous view across the harbour of Crail. This is what I love about winter. Even though the days are quite short you can get amazing lights in the late afternoon as the sun is not as high but has not set either yet.

I then drove to Elie and the lighthouse. It was bloody windy and freezing cold by then but beautiful views across the Forth with the cute lighthouse in front of a setting sun. I was too cold then though to make it the Lady’s tower as well. Apart from the fact that I was starving…

In total it was a sweet little trip and once I live in Dunfermline I am pretty sure I’ll be making my way down there more often and do most parts of the Coastal path as well.

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