A very Scottish weekend

Highland Games – Pitlochry

Mid September me and my colleague Francesca went up to Pitlochry for the Highland Games. I always wanted to see them just out of curiosity.

We left fairly early in the morning to be there when it started at 10.30 am. The weather was not too great unfortunately but at least is was not pouring down. We arrived at about 10 am but there were already quite a few cars in the fields being used as a car par. And quite some people around at the small stalls selling food, drinks, raffle tickets and Scottish souvenir stuff of course ;).

The stalls were all build around the actual grounds where the games took place. We had a walk around and then the bagpipers made their entrance marking the start of the games.

We watched some girls doing highland dancing for a bit before we continued to watch the games we were most excited about. The men doing caber tossing, hammer throwing and weight throwing. As tradition their were all wearing a kilt. We watched them for a while with a bagpipe competition right next to us. Which was hard to watch as one of the judges – an elderly man – wearing a kilt sat there with its legs wide open. He did wear undies but it was still very irritating to see :D.

Towards lunch time we got a bit cold just sitting there watching so decided to head into the village of Pitlochry for some lunch at a pub.We did not time it well as just as when we wanted to leave the grounds, the parade of bagpipe groups that had made their way through the village just entered the field, followed by a horde of people. We could hardly get through.

Obviously the villages was super busy too but we got a table in the Coach hotel and the food was not too bad at all. I had Haggis, Neeps and Tatties – obviously had to keep it Scottish the day lol.

After we finished Lunch we did a walk to the waterfall in the woods and then headed back to the car. The car park was packed now and the fields super busy so we left. We saw everything we wanted anyways. We also stopped at the Hermitage on the way back and had a little walk around there.

We arrived in South Queensferry in the late afternoon and were looking for a place for cake and coffee but all of them were shutting at 4pm. So we sat down in the Manna House.

It was really a lovely day despite the fizzling rain.

Afternoon Tea at the Dome

The next day on the Sunday I was set to have Afternoon tea with my other colleague Emma. Since I spend most weekends in hiking boots and rain coats it was nice to dress up for a change. Emma had booked the table for us at 2.30. This is normally a bit early for Afternoon Tea but the only time we got a table. I was so excited already when entered the Dome. It is really impressive from the inside with high ceilings and chandeliers.

The Afternoon tea was taking place in the Gregorian Tea Room. The perfect atmosphere for it and you felt like being 100 years back in time.

We both had champagne with our tea and Early Grey. Best tea I ever drank. I am normally not a tea drinking person but that was very different from the tea bag tea you normally get to drink. It was made with fresh tea leaves and I was pretty astonished by the different in taste.

When the food arrived I was feeling like a little kid on Christmas. At the bottom of the etagère we had 3 different kinds of sandwich – Roast Beef with Beetroot and Horseradish Chutney, Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese and Capers, Mature Cheddar Cheese and Fruit Chutney and also a Vol-au-Vent (a small hollow case of puff pastry) filled with Egg Mayonnaise.

The next layer was scones with clotted cream and jam. One fruit scone and one cheese scone.

The bottom of the etagère was cakes. 2 macaroons, carrot cake, lemon curt tart and something with chocolate and kind of mousse.

It was so delicious.

I really have to do it again. My dream is to have Afternoon Tea at the Balmoral Hotel but that is quite expensive haha 😉

Very well spent weekend it was!

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