Loch Lomond

I envy people from Glasgow living so close to Loch Lomond. It “only” takes 1.5h from Edinburgh but it’s still quite a drive to get there. However, it is just a great area to spend a day at without needing to go too far or overnight to see some beautiful Scottish landscape.

I have been driving along Loch Lomond a lot of times before. But mainly only on the west side of it when driving to the West Coast or up North or then on my way back from a trip. There are definitely some really nice spots along the side which are also great for camping. But this is also the problem. This side is very crowded and just too much traffic around. But you do get some great views across the Loch, too.

I also have not really checked out what is there to explore on the other side of the road along the west shores – any tips welcome!

Beginning of April,I went to the East side of Loch Lomond properly for the first time. Was not my best idea to go on a sunny Sunday… I drove circles to get a parking space at the car park below Conic Hill. When I finally got a space I made my way up Conic Hill and did not expect it to me so hard lol. So much for my plans on Munro climbing if I already struggle with this one ;).

The view was great. So it was definitely worth the “climb”. I think I just sat there for half an hour eating my sandwich looking across Loch Lomond and the surrounding hills.

However, these are also situations where I wish I was not alone but could share the experience with a partner. I generally don’t feel lonely or in need to have a boyfriend but in moments where you see something spectacular or something which is somehow touching, then I hate being single.

I also stopped at Milarrochy Bay to see the lonely tree. The view across the Loch is amazing and I cannot wait for autumn and winter to have an amazing view on the coloured or snow covered hills. I really want to camp there,too at one point to see the sunrise and sunset.

2 weeks ago I then went to Inversnaid which is a bit higher along the East side. There is a beautiful Hotel right at the Loch with a massive waterfall. Pretty cool! It was raining when I arrived but luckily the weather changes so quickly here, it stopped soon while I was making my way along Loch Lomond through the woods. The trial is also part of the West Highland Way. However, the path was very wet and slippy and it soon got a bit to unsafe for me to go alone, so I went back. The problem with this time of the year, when it is warm and wet from the rain, is though, that you get attacked by midges as soon as you stop. I walked a bit up the hill to have a better few across the Loch. I could not stand there for 5 minutes because I had those little flies all around me. It is driving you crazy!

I then did a quick stop at the Devil’s pulpit on my way back but I was too scared to go down because of fearing of falling and break my neck as everything was wet and muddy, hence very slippy. Maybe another time…

I then went again to Balmaha the next day and walked along Loch Lomond to Milarrochy Bay. Beautiful little walk and would like to walk up to Rowardennan as well at one point. Ben Lomond is also still on my list.

Was also good to explore the area as I went again with my best friend for my birthday last week. Thinking you do not really get summer in Scotland, we were wearing long leggings and t-shirts and then had to realise it was so hot! We would have been able to go for a swim actually. But so we only laid on a blanket right at the shores between Balmaha and Milarrochy and enjoyed the sun and the amazing view across the water.

It was a great spot to spend my birthday and I wish we could have stayed longer and see the sunset. I bet it was amazing that day. But we headed back to Edinburgh and had dinner at Scott’s down in South Queensferry where we then saw the sun setting behind the Forth Road Bridge which is also always nice.

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