Why am I so obsessed with Glen Coe

First of all, I think if I’d live anywhere nearer to Skye and if it was not such a long drive in general, and all accommodation almost always booked out – I would always go there. So it has also to do with the fact that it is fairly easy to reach and it does not even matter if you get a B&B right at Glen Coe or in Oban or Fort William.

However, for me Glen Coe is basically how everyone imagines Scotland as a foreigner. It has something very magical about. Especially when the clouds are hanging low and the mist is floating between the hills. I loved being at the shores of Loch Leven early in the morning when the mist was raising from the water and the hills were reflecting on it. I have seen Glen Coe in basically every season now. When I stayed there for a couple of days in August everything was super green and the waterfalls and rivers all around were full of water. Then I was there when it was snowing and could not see the top of the hills hidden in the clouds. I saw it autumn with coloured trees and lots of yellow, orange and brown around. I saw it in spring when everything was still very scarce but starting to get green. I loved it when it was all green and I cannot wait for next week to see it again like that. The downside is though that it will probably be very wet and lots of midges will be around.

I also cannot wait for autumn again. The colours then are just amazing. And I look forward to actually experience Glen Coe properly in winter. Walking in the snow. I cannot even tell if I like it more on a sunny day. Obviously it is nice not to get wet for a change and it looks amazing in the sun, too, but for me the real dramatic and magical look of it appears when it is cloudy. When big storms are building over the hills. Maybe with some rays of sun trying to get through. That is when I love it the most. It just looks unreal.

I love the drive on the A82 through the Glen and I love driving down the road to Loch Etive through Glen Etive. I definitely want to film it one day. It looks insane. I can totally understand why everyone is going there. It is hard to not stop every 20 metres to take photos.

I hope that I will get more experience in hill walking and climbing up higher mountains soon, so that I can actually get on the top of the mountains. I wish I could see a sunrise one day from the top, too. But that again would either mean climbing up in the dark which is scaring me already by the thought of it or camp up there somewhere. And again, there is no one yet who I could do that with.

One of the best places for me is standing at the waters of Glencoe Lochan. The place is so beautiful and peaceful. I also love to just drive around Loch Leven. I think I could just spend ages there without getting tired. You can see the light change so quickly and then the whole surroundings look completely different all of a sudden.

If I could, I would buy a house right at the shores of Loch Leven and open up my own B&B. There is one I stayed in in August 2017 which was basically exactly how I would imagine mine.

I still have not managed to explore all of Glen Coe. I did a few shorter walks but most of the time I either ran out of time or it was pouring down so much or I ended up in the mud, that longer walks did not happen. So that is definitely on my list – to do longer walking tours around the Glen.

I have to keep reminding myself that I could literally go now whenever I want and have time. And this just making me so happy! And I know I was meant to be here.

2 thoughts on “Why am I so obsessed with Glen Coe

  1. Great post and fantastic photos, we had a chance to live in Scotland a few years ago and absolutely loved every minute of it, I think itโ€™s one of the most beautiful places on earth, thanks for sharing and safe travels ๐Ÿ˜€

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