5 months review living in Edinburgh

This is my 5th month living in Edinburgh now. I cannot believe how time flies! At the moment I am very gutted though as I do not have a car. I had to drive my German car back to Germany and need to get a “new” right wheel car now. That is making me pretty nervous too as I never had to buy a car on my own before – thanks to daddy 😉

So first of all I have to say, I think Scottish people are one of the nicest and fore sure funniest people you can get to know! If you are a serious Sally though, it will be difficult as you have to keep up with lots of banter and sarcasm.

I never had any bad experience when I was out and about alone, neither before I moved here nor now. Everyone was always super nice, helpful and supporting. I have never been afraid on my travels alone. It can be really strange to be all by yourself in the middle of nowhere but I never felt unsafe. I stayed in B&Bs where they did not even lock the front door! I hope that this will stay like this!

Against all prejudices as well you can get some bloody good food all over! If you are not necessarily choosing some dodgy chippy or weird looking pub,the food is actually pretty amazing! And yes I do eat Haggis and black pudding as well ;).

However you definitely won’t find a decent Döner that you might be used to in Germany and also Pizza is kind of a different thing here as well as Gyros 😉 haha. Not bad, but different…

Traffic in Edinburgh is literally a nightmare at rush hour… Thank god though the bus system is amazing and you get around different routes pretty easily. And in worst case you can also always walk around town. It is not helping with the traffic though that the city is getting more and more crowded by tourists now. It has even been busy in February but with Fringe coming up I am almost scared how packed the city will be. Also getting out of the city by car can sometimes take up to an hour… Considering that Edinburgh is actually not that big that is really astonishing.

Generally I think Edinburgh is a beautiful city. You can just walk around and keep taking pictures of nice looking buildings or streets. However, I don’t see myself living in the city forever. It is just too busy for me. And Edinburgh in particular is pretty expensive in terms of rent and stuff.

Outside of the city and especially the further North you go the less houses you will see. Or villages will be very widely spread. However, driving on the A82 between Tyndrum and Glen Coe is a damn busy road – especially on a sunny Sunday… Worst are the coaches, trucks and caravans ;). It is no fun to get stuck behind one with no possibility to overtake – as it it mostly pretty busy on the other road side too!

I actually like taking the bus into and around town, when you can just basically sit and do sight seeing on your way to work or from work. People who lived here forever would probably not see it as this but for me I enjoy the bus rides and also strolling around and explore. I live pretty close to Granton and Newhaven, so it is nice to walk down there and just sit or walk by the sea. On a clear day you can see the coastline of Fife pretty well and I have seen amazing pictures of sunsets and sunrises from Newhaven- I have not managed to experience any of those myself yet unfortunately…

Edinburgh itself has really a lot to offer in terms of going out, relax in parks, sight seeing, food – like whatever you fancy you get it somewhere around town. It is however very often very windy and only because the sun is shining from a clear blue sky, it does not mean it is super warm. Even though a lot of Scottish people generally get dressed then like it was 30 degrees outside ;). I love how they seem to have a completely different feel for cold haha.

I am also happy to say I already made some friends.

Obviously there is Ryan, my flatmate – who even painted my room, before I moved in <3. Cooks a perfect steak, always up for some fun and chats. It is very strange for me to live with someone again after living alone for 8 years but Ryan is easy to get along with. We go to the cinema together, for a swim at the gym or just hang out and watch TV (we still have not finished How to get away with murder yet).

Kleida, my closest colleague who I would definitely be calling my friend now. She is such a sweetheart and if I ever get married to a Scotsman I want my wedding to look like hers :D. That dress though!!!! Honestly I would not know what I had done without her. She has been a real rock and just such a nice, genuine and funny person.

Emma, who actually made sure I got the job here after all ;). Hopefully giving me some company on one of my trips soon – once I sort out the car problem ;). And yes – Cara you might be allowed to come too ;).

My colleagues Francesca, Suzanne, Cara, Sarah, Jacob and Kerry – who I work the closest with besides Kleida and who definitely make a day in the office a lot funnier. If I am in the office – since I work a lot from home too. But that can be very boring at times so I like to go to the office and see everyone.

I am still not yet where I want to be with everything. And I have to force myself to stay patient to not getting everything at once. But I enjoy my life here and look forward to what the rest of the year is holding up.

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