Loch Rannoch and Rannoch Moor

Finally finding some time again to write about my trip to Rannoch Moor end of March.

It really was an awesome weekend. I was so lucky with the weather AGAIN. Again I just had a look on AirBnB if I could find a rather affordable place for one night. I stayed at about 20 min outside of Kinloch Rannoch – basically in the middle of nowhere but that does not bother me.

I left very early in the morning and made a first stop at the Queen’s View at Loch Tummel.

Queen’s View – Loch Tummel

Really beautiful view and especially nice with snow on the hills. I walked down to the Loch as well but that was not very exciting so drove further on towards Loch Rannoch where I already arrived after lunch time. As I could not check into my room anyways yet I kept on driving along the Loch which was amazing. I definitely have to come back and stay there for longer. Ideally to camp as well but that would require some company as I certainly do not camp all alone… Anyone interested in keeping me company and who actually has either a camping van or a nice tent – let me know 😉

I kept on driving until I actually ended up at Rannoch station. So glad I did that. Love how remote it is. I went for a walk along Loch Laidon and just had the most amazing views towards Rannoch Moor and Glencoe. I could have literally stayed forever. It was so quiet and peaceful.

On my way back there was deer all over the place at the car park next to Rannoch station. The stag was pretty much hiding in the bushes though, so I could not get a decent picture of him. Also loads of pheasants all around and especially on the railway track which made me wonder if these birds are kind of suicidal since they also always walk right on the road…

I arrived at my B&B at about 4.30 in the afternoon then. The host lady was super nice and I had a massive big room for myself. However, I could not find any decent place to eat at Kinloch Rannoch as I did not want to spend huge amounts of money at the Dunalastair Hotel which has 5 stars….

So I drove aaall the way down to Kenmore taking the Scheihallion road. It’s a great drive. The light of the sun going slowly down was amazing and the food at the Courtyard Brasserie was definitely worth the drive. I had some great fish & chips. Afterwards I went for a little walk around Kenmore. Cute little village right at Loch Tay.

Loch Tay

When I headed off back to Kinloch Rannoch it was already getting dark and I had to be damn careful not to kill amounts of pheasants, rabbits and deer which jumped on the road… Also missed the turn into the Scheihallion road and had to take the way via Tummel bridge.

I got up super early the next day. There was continental breakfast – meaning some toast and jam only – so I did not have to rely on any breakfast times but was able to head out pretty quickly. It was bloody cold but blue sky and sunshine. Loch Rannoch was completely still and had great reflections of the surrounding hills. Again – I could have stayed forever just watching the water and hills.

Loch Rannoch

I took the Scheihallion road towards Kenmore again and stop at Loch Kinardochy for a while. There was a lonely goose on it which was screaming the whole time. And it was echoing a lot so made it almost a bit scary :D.

Lonely boat at Loch Kinardochy

At Kenmore I had a late breakfast / lunch which resulted in a big Scottish breakfast which was amazing.

Cherry blossom at Kenmore

I walked around Kenmore again as well for a bit before I drove off towards Dunkeld. Here I stopped as well for a quick walk but I was pretty tired by then so headed of quite quickly again.

However as it was still very early in the afternoon and the weather was gorgeous I did a quick stop at Aberdour. Great view across the Firth of Forth seeing Edinburgh on the other side.


It was one of the best weekends I had in a while at that time. I just love when everything is so quiet and no one is around and you can just enjoy the surroundings in peace. That is also why I love travelling around alone. I can spend as much time as I want wherever I want.

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