1st weeks in Scotland

It was a bit of a rocky start but in general everything went quite well, considering you normally might expect some sort of obstacles when moving countries.

I was lucky my parents were able to come with me to Edinburgh. They took a lot of my stuff in their big car and also stayed a few nights and helped me with furnishing my room with things like a new lamp and putting a mirror on the wall. I mean, I am not someone who shies away from trying it all myself, but using a drilling machine is not really something I am keen on using :D.

I was very exhausted after those days though. We went on the ferry in Rotterdam on a Thursday night and arrived in Hull Friday morning 7 am. Then my NavSat played all crazy and we ended up driving some country roads up north passing York and then ended up taking the tunnel around Newcastle. Obviously I was alone in the car and “on the wrong side”. And I did not know you had to pay for the tunnel on the exit. So I had to get out of the car to put the coins in the machine and caused a little traffic jam… In total it took us 6 hours I think until we finally arrived in Edinburgh.

We spent Saturday in IKEA and getting everything done in my room, so hardly any time to relax. And I had to go straight back to work on Monday. The next weekend I also went to IKEA to get a shelf, a cupboard with draws and a night table. Another thing you don’t have at IKEA in Germany are those barriers when you leave IKEA. So I had to leave the stuff I bought with a nice lady to get my car to drive it to the exit to load everything in. And again – I was all by myself and there was no one helping me putting those big heavy parcels into the boot.

I built everything up up all alone as well but managed to hit my left thumb with the hammer I thought I die 😀 It bloody hurt and went all blue and black. It’s still not grown out after almost 4 months and does not look very pretty… I also put one board the wrong way into the shelf so you have the wooden side at the front – oops. Same with one of the insights of the drawers of my night table – but well you don’t see those anyways haha.

And then I got sick. Like it all started with a sore throat. Then I got a blocked nose. Then I got chest cough. Then my throat was so sore I could hardly speak. Then I got conjunctivitis in my left eye. The whole crap lasted for over 3 weeks. I was so angry. Nevertheless I took one weekend to go out to Fife to get at least some fresh air and nature to see.

First I went to Loch Leven in Kinross to see Leven Castle but it was still closed at that point. Then I went to Falkland which is a beautiful little town in the middle of Fife. They also filmed parts of Outlander there, pretending it was Inverness… Then I actually wanted to go to St. Monan’s but ended up in Leven lol. Was not too bad though. I just sat at the beach munching some crisps and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine at the sea. I then drove back along the coast line which is really beautiful. I could actually imagine moving to Fife and take the train into Edinburgh for work.

I stopped at the harbour of South Queensferry as well from where you have a great view across the Firth of Forth and the 3 bridges. The old railway bridge, the old forth road bridge and the new forth road bridge. I want to do a boat tour from there too one day to explore the Firth of Forth from sea. My list only gets longer and longer :D.

The soon I felt completely well again, I booked myself a night away in Rannoch Moor. But I will write about that trip in a new entry ;).

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