My autumn 2018 trip – Oban, Glencoe, Torridon, Loch Ness

On that trip, things regarding moving to Scotland actually already got very serious. When I arrived in Edinburgh I went into the city to meet with a recruiter for a chat about potential roles that could suit me. And for when I would come back from my trip I already had a meeting set up with the company I work for now to meet them personally.

This time I had an Audi A1. When they gave me the keys at the counter I didn’t even look at the keys and when I was walking down the isle to find my car I was so confused when the lights of the Audi blinked when I pressed the keys :D. So I drove of the the Ingliston Park & Ride to take the tram into the city. In the car park I wanted to drive backwards to get into a parking space – but – I had a super blonde moment… I couldn’t get the gear in to drive backwards. It literately took me 15 minutes to figure out how I could drive backwards. By that time I was already so hot and almost panicking. Anyone who saw me there must have thought I am some kind of idiot… When I finally figured it out I was really just on time for my meeting in town…

I think it was already about 4pm when I got back to my car and was finally on my way west. And I can only say I just love the drive up to Oban and Fort William through Callendar, passing Ben More through Crianlarich up to Tyndrum and then either way – if to Oban or Fort William is a great road to drive.

I have to say Scotland in autumn is definitely something else! Actually can’t wait for autumn again this year. Amazing colours and the light is awesome for taking pictures.


So on that trip I started with 2 nights in Oban at an AirBnB a little outside of Oban. But I have been back there only recently and will be back again for sure because the host lady is so lovely and it is not as expensive as a lot of other places. And you get proper Stornoway black pudding. It’s the only black pudding I eat. And square sausages! 😀 I love them.

I chose to stay at Oban because I wanted to go down to Kilchurn. Well, I did not actually find the entrance to go to castle lol but at least got an amazing picture from the other side across Loch Awe.

I really like Oban in general. Beautiful little city and generally nice to stroll around. I have also been up to the tower but the weather on that day was not great so I did not have the best view as you may could have on a sunny day. Glad I made it to the chocolate company but still need to eat at Eeusk, a seafood restaurant at the harbour, and also the Green Shack, a seafood hut where you can get like lunches and stuff. So yes, I will definitely be back.

Glen Coe

I guess I am kind of obsessed with Glen Coe now. I love it so much. I could go there over and over again. It always makes me happy to be there.

When I left Oban, I drove along the coast up to Glen Coe because I actually wanted to stop at Castle Stalker but it was pouring down all the way. I could not even see the sea itself. I did a quick stop at Dunstaffnage Castle – but weather was just about to get really bad so I didn’t stay too long.

Before I actually drove to my B&B I drove through Glen Coe and stop at the Signal rock parking to have a little stroll. But it was so wet… It was still quite early in the day so I drove around Loch Leven before I actually checked in.

The B&B was a little outside Glen Coe Village in the direction of Kinlochleven. From the breakfast room you had a great view across Loch Leven. Lots of people stayed there who were walking the West Highland Way. Something that is also still on my list.

After I had a little rest and warmed up again, I headed out by foot to explore the surroundings of my B&B and was surprised to find out I was not far off from Glencoe Lochan, a little Loch up the woods below Pap of Glencoe. Even though the weather was still not much better, the autumn colours of the trees were amazing.

The next day I headed out very early so I caught some amazing sunlight, just coming up over the Three Sister’s of Glen Coe. And this is what I love so much about Scotland. The light here is just beyond amazing. I wonder if this is because there is not much air pollution yet. However if they keep carry on doing all those coach trips with hundreds of tourists that might change sooner or later…

I drove off to Glen Etive again as the year before. It looked so different to when I was there in August when everything was so green! Now the main colours were yellow, red, orange and brown. But yet it looked amazing and I can only recommend to go there in autumn!

I have to say though – I always feel a little anxious to go down the road all by myself. I really wish that one day I meet someone I can actually camp with in Glen Etive. So – anyone interested in the outdoors and to date me – please get in touch 😉

On the way back I finally managed to take a picture of the little house below Buachaille Etive Mor and almost got myself killed because I did not go over the hard shoulder along the road to take the pic… And wow! those lorries drive down here fast!

Obviously that was not enough action for one day and also the sun came out beautifully, so I headed back to the B&B, got into my rain gear and went off by foot towards Loch Atriochtan with another stop at Glencoe Lochan. And this time I had amazing reflection of the hills and trees on the water. I could have stayed forever!

I walked off my 3 mile way along the back road which leads from Upper Carnoch to Loch Atriochtan. And guess what… It started to pour down again when I was about to arrive. I was so wet even with my rain cape and rain trousers. I popped into the Clachaig Inn to have some soup and tea to warm me up before I walked all the way back. That was a very tiring day and I think I was in bed by 8pm.


After my 2 nights at Loch Leven I drove further north to my next stop at Loch Carron to explore the Torridon region and Applecross Peninsula. But I took a little turn into Glen Nevis and walked to the Steal Falls.

And the more I came north, the more it rained. When I turned into the road to Loch Carron there were already road signs warning you have to wait up to 3 hours due to road works… I just drove on though, because I thought going aaaall the way around would take me as long. I think I stood there for 1 hour then before I was able to drive on and it was raining and raining and raining. I could not even see Loch Carron which was like right next to my car where I was standing in the queue to pass the traffic lights.

When I arrived at my B&B right next to Loch Carron I was so happy! The room was nur and full with books all over and a big, most comfortable bed! I just went straight in and stayed there until dinner time. It was an issues though to find a place that still served food as October was pretty much off season now. I think I had breaded scampi so nothing exciting.

I was lucky that the next day it was at least dry so I made my way up to Torridon. One very interesting region I must say. Pretty scarce and like no house or anything for miles. I made my way to Loch Torridon and then drove a bit back to Shieldaig where I had lunch in a very cute Café called Nanny’s. I had sandwiches with Scottish Salmon and local crayfish and a scone with jam and cream.

I then made my way along the coast which is also part of the NorthCoast500 route towards Applecross. It is a great scenery for sure!

When I arrived in Applecross I got a little sad seeing Skye across the sea knowing I won’t be back very soon. I still don’t know when I will have time to actually go back. I really hope maybe in September this year.

I loved Applecross and wondered around for quite a while before I took the Applecross path back to Loch Carron. On a site note though, I would have been so scared if it was dark or foggy!

But when it is clear it is one adventurous drive and I can only recommend to do it! 😀

And I have to come back one day. Maybe in spring then. I definitely have way to many plans to where to go… I won’t be able to spend any holidays abroad any more 😀

The next day I drove to Inverness as a stop inbetween my way back to Edinburgh just so I did not have to drive all the way down in one day. It was a very good decision as I had the most amazing day around Loch Ness. Normally Loch Ness is not high on my agenda, just because EVERYONE is going there.

But it is actually really beautiful when you take the road on the other side and not where the Urquhart Castle stands. I drove all he way down to Fort Augustus where I had some tea and scones. I just then had the best sunset views on my back!

So that day was well spent!

And the next day I made my way down to Edinburgh where I met my new employer 🙂

It was followed by few weeks of hoping and praying until I finally got the call I got the job and was ready to make my move happen!

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