The best trip – Scotland March 2018

Inverness and Isle of Skye

I can’t even tell why this trip was so special. It feels so perfect looking back. I had the most amazing weather and just an awesome time. And it was the turning point that I decided I actually want to move to Scotland.

Looking back though I think I was just in a great head space at this time. I started to loose weight and get fitter in January and had already lost almost 10kg and just felt so much better about myself in general when I went this time.

I started my trip from Edinburgh this time. I did not stay in Edinburgh though but went off to Inverness straight after I landed and got my car.

Generally I get my inspiration to where I want to travel in Scotland from Instagram. This is where I also saw pictures of the Bow Fiddle Rock. To see it myself I planned my trip accordingly.

So the first stop was Inverness for 2 nights and from there I went over to Skye where I stayed near Portree this time for 3 nights in total.

It all kind of started perfectly already. I got a brand new KIA Ceed which was the best car I drove so far in my life. Then the drive along the Cairngorms up to Inverness was amazing. Clear view, snow on the hills and I was just in a very happy place.

My room in the B&B in Inverness was absolutely my taste. I loved it! It also looked like a little castle from the outside.
When I went for dinner that night the light was amazing and I felt so peaceful inside. I knew I was where I belong.


The next day I went to the Clava Cairns hoping to end up with Jamie Fraser when I touch one of the stones. Turned out I was still in 2018.

Clava Cairns

Afterwards I drove off to the Bow Fiddle Rock at Portknockie. I was so lucky with the weather this time. It only started to rain a little bit when I was on my way back. Apart from that blue sky and fluffy white clouds.

Bow Fiddle Rock

I also did a wee trip to Chanonry Point hoping to see the Dolphins but was not lucky.

Isle of Skye

Then the actual fun started when I headed off to Skye. I took the old way which leads via Loch Carron. Had a spectular view across it. The road was something different to drive though. Bumps and single tracks all the time.

Loch Carron

Before I went on to check in at my B&B I stopped and Sligachan and also went up half the Old man. I think all that happiness and feeling great about myself gave me all that energy 😀

The B&B I stayed in was about 10 minutes by foot outside of Portree and run by a gay couple. Stuart was the main host. He was so welcoming, he made me feel very much like home. And he gave me some great tips on where to go on the island. Every night I came back from my adventures we chatted for a while and I felt he could he really see the real me. It was almost a bit scary.

The 1st day

I left very early in the morning to go to see the Fairy Glen before it would get super busy up there. Took me a while to actually find the road to it :D. It really was somehow magical. I was lucky with a few sunbeams coming through the dark grey clouds which made it look like out of a fantasy movie.

Then I drove further North passing Uig and went all around to Duntulm Castle and along the coast with a stop for some hiking in the Trotternish Ridge and a stop at the Mealt Falls for the usual picture.

After I had a little rest over at my B&B I went for a walk around The Lump. And if this was not enough for the day I drove to the west coast to see the sunset and was not disappointed. Even tho I was freezing to death waiting for the sun to set.

 2nd day

Again I left straight after breakfast and drove up to Neist Point. This time I was more lucky and just had the most amazing blue Skye you can imagine. The drive up there in itself was already spectacular. Could not get enough of the views.

I drove further afterwards to Dunvegan Castle and then to the Coral beach. That was really unique. The whole beach is sand and small pieces of corals. Just fantastic.

I hope it will not get too crowed soon as such the other great spots on the island. That is the problem with Instagram and yes – also blogging, that everyone soon knows all these “hidden” places and then they are not so hidden any more.

3rd day

I went up the Storr again. I hope one day I will be up there either seeing the sun rising or going down. But I would not want to do that alone…

I also then drove all the way down to Elgol again and took the boat again. This time I was all alone on the trip. Also went to actually see Loch Corsuik but it was so f***ing freezing. However even got tea and biscuits on the boat back 🙂

Driving back I was finally lucky to take some great shots of Highland Cows. I didn’t really manage that before so I was so happy about seeing them on the road!

Looking back I cannot believe all the driving I did. You think Skye is not that big but you do need at least two hours from South to North. The main roads are also pretty good to drive. Only these to like Neist Point or Talisker Bay are pretty adventurous single track roads. Never understood why people drive those in there Caravans… You are not able to turn around really. And if you get stuck, well… good luck.

When I was about to leave on day four it started snowing. I did not think it was bad but I was abut to know better…

When I left, Stuart told me, he hopes I am as happy as my smile makes me look. And I almost started crying because he hit a nerve. People tend to think your are fine but many of us are fighting a battle inside which no one sees. He kind of saw it… I will not forget this moment. It was like he was seeing my soul.

Glen Etive in snow

While I was driving down to my overnight stop near Crianlarich it started snowing more and more and I got pretty nervous as I did not take that into account at all – for some reason. When arrived at my B&B just outside Crianlarich, there was already a good layer of snow on the ground and it would not stop. Everything around looked amazing in the snow though.

When I drove off the next day it was proper snow everywhere. I quickly stopped at the Bracklinn Falls in Callendar, in Stirling and for the Kelpies in Falkirk unil I finally arrived in Edinburgh where it was just wet snow all over.

I stayed in Edinburgh for there night and flew back to Germany the next morning. At that point the wet snow was all frozen and it was damn slippery on the roads.

Again in my head I was already planning to come back and where to go then. And the tiny seed of moving to Scotland began to grow.

This trip was the real turning point for me. I loved every second I spent around all those places and I surely will never forget this one – no matter how often I can now go to all these places.

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