Moving to Scotland

Ever since the first road-trip I did with my bestie in 2016, I was hooked to Scotland. I always loved Ireland and thought I may go back to live and work there. But then I discovered Scotland with it’s rough mountains, beautiful valleys, clear Lochs, amazing sunsets and skies in general, and the lovely people all around. It changed everything.

The road-trip with my bestie was great but we went to all those places in only a week and I kept wishing to spend more time everywhere. I could not stop thinking about going back. But none of my friends were really interested to come with me, so I decided to go by myself. I never thought I would have the courage to go on a holiday all by myself. But I just went and planned my trip for August 2017 where I wanted to spend mainly time on Skye and at Glencoe.

And I did it. I was super nervous. I was all by myself with the hired car, driving on the “wrong” side and actually had no one to talk to. But it was one of the best holidays I had – up this point.

I came back and I knew I had to go again. So I planned my next trip for March 2018. Again I wanted to spend time on Skye but also spent two nights in Inverness to go and see Clava Cairns and the Bow Fiddle Rock.

The minute I came back to Germany, I made plans for my next trip. And this was also the start of me thinking about moving to Scotland for good. This thought became more and more intense. I started to speak to my mum about it, who – at this point did not really think I was serious about it. In about June I started looking around for potential jobs and thought about when to move and how to make it all work actually. I applied for a few jobs but hardly got a response, and if then it was a no. Until I applied for a role in August with the company I work for now. They were looking for a German speaking Recruiter. I started the interview process and suddenly it all became very serious. I was actually taking care of moving to Scotland.

It was nerve wrecking though to be honest. I had multiple telephone interviews with different people. I went to see the office in Edinburgh when I went on my trip in October 2018 and could not really talk to anyone but my family and friends outside my job at that time about what was going on.

In November I finally got the call with the offer. I was so relieved. I cried. I was finally ready to make the move. I sold all my furniture and loads of cloths and stuff and packed my life into boxes ready to move to Edinburgh.

I started my new job remotely from Germany in January this year. Sitting in a half empty flat for almost two weeks when I moved back to my parents for three weeks in February before I moved to Edinburgh end of February.

I had my induction week in Edinburgh in my first week so was able to see flats. I saw the one I live in now, where my current flatmate was looking for someone to move in with him middle of February. It all worked out perfectly.

So February 21st 2019 I drove my car with my stuff, accompanied by parents in their car and more of my stuff to Edinburgh. We took the ferry from Rotterdam to Hull and drove all the way up.

And now I am here. Already starting my 3rd months and I have not regretted it a second that I made that decision.

I am not 100 % where I want to be in life yet – but I know I am on the right track and achieved something I am immensely proud of.

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