About Me

I always enjoyed writing when I was younger. I even wrote a few short stories as a teenager, obviously about love… Then when I was older I actually started to write a fantasy book which unfortunately never got finished.

Since I travelled so much around Scotland all by myself and then actually moved here in February 2019, I kept thinking about starting a blog about my travels and life in Scotland. So here I am.

I was born in June 1986. I am from near Cologne, Germany. I call myself very lucky to have amazing parents and a great relationship with my younger sister. When I finished school I spent 8 months in Ireland as Au-pair and discovered my love for the green, rough landscapes and the Irish and yes, the British culture ;).

After I studied two years in Cologne I went to study in Cardiff for 2.5 years which got me finally hooked to the UK. But I moved back to Germany because of my family and friends and to start my career.

However, my bestie stayed in the UK and moved to London, so ever since I have been back to the Island. And then we did a road-trip through Scotland in May 2016 and this trip literally changed everything for me. I did not realise it at that point but it was the start of where I am today.

I was so fascinated by the landscapes and it just felt like this was my place to be. I am very into Celtic culture and anything related to mysteries and spirituality. And I think Scotland is a very magical place.

You can read in blog about my journey to actually finally moving to Scotland and all my trips, adventures and actually living my dream. I hope you enjoy!

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